The First Night of the Rest of Your Life

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Back in the old days the wedding night symbolised the coming together of the virgin bride and groom to consummate their marriage. Nowadays this would more than likely be considered a phenomenon. Modern day bridal couples are usually well-acquainted physically, which does tend to take the anticipation out of the wedding night. However this is still the very first night spent together as husband and wife which in itself is a very exciting prospect, and there are ways to make it just as special.

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A very important thing to consider is that the wedding night comes after a very long and - though memorable and breathtaking - very tiring day. Of the few new brides I’ve spoken to, several confessed to falling asleep five minutes after entering the suite.

Some spent the evening excitedly looking through their gifts with their groom before drifting off, and some even ended up going to bed on their own, while their new husbands partied the night away. There is nothing wrong with that. Your wedding will be picture perfect day in itself, and what could be better than climbing under comfy hotel covers to start your new life with fresh eyes. If you predict leaving your reception late in the night, why not plan to have your official “wedding night” on the first night of your honeymoon? You will be feeling fresh, ready to be pampered and invigorated by what will hopefully be your ultimate romantic setting. What better way to start a romantic honeymoon? You could even put a temporary ban on all physical contact until then, to build up a sense of anticipation.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you decide to do it together. There can be nothing worse than starting your lives together in disappointment. If your wife expected a romantic evening spent with all the bells and whistles and you end up partying all night long, you may face some confrontation when you arrive back at the honeymoon suite. Communication is key, so make sure you talk about it.

Whether your first official night as man and wife takes place straight after the reception or a few days later, here are some packing tips that will ensure this night goes off without a hitch.
Pack smart

With all the arrangements and fuss over the wedding it is very easy to forget about what comes after. Here are a few items to remember when packing your overnight bag;

A toothbrush, floss and mouthwash: This is a classical item to be forgotten at home when going on any trip, but on this trip this is one item you really don’t want to be without. It is very likely that you will have spent a great deal of the reception enjoying wonderful culinary treats, but there is nothing sexy about furry teeth. You will feel a whole lot more confident with fresh minty breath.

Birth control: No it’s not sexy or romantic to think about condoms and pills on the night of your wedding but it will be a real shame to discover you have to go celibate out of fear of an unplanned pregnancy.

Champagne: What would a glamorous celebration be without champagne? It will help to warm you up, and get you relaxed while adding to the atmosphere.

Sexy snacks: I’ve heard from more than one newlywed couple how they spent the night so busy mingling that they barely had the chance to wolf down a plate from their own wedding buffet. Chances are you are going to enter your room feeling a little hungry and in need of some sustenance. Why not have a platter of light, romantic snacks available? Chocolate covered strawberries, a few fresh oysters, a handful of almonds, honey covered figs… You get the idea.

A change of clothes: It won’t be fun having to sleep in and leave the hotel wearing a wedding dress or a tux. It’s a sure way of taking the evening from classy to disheveled in no time at all.  

Swimming costumes: It would be a shame to miss out on using the hotel’s hot tub, or swimming pool facilities because you forgot these at home.

For the ladies

Lingerie: If ever there was a time to go shopping for over the top, gorgeous lingerie, it’s now. Find something that makes you feel like an absolute goddess, while also being deliciously comfortable, and keep it on as long as possible to achieve the full effect.

A hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner: Wedding hairstyles look great on the day, but when you attempt take them out they are usually a sticky, hairspray caked, bobby pin nest. Have the means to wash and brush your hair. Clean hair will refresh and revive you, and will prevent you from entering your wedding bed looking like a banshee (unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case never mind).

Flat shoes: If you’ve ever spent the night in heels you will know exactly why these are necessary. This is definitely an item to consider if you’d like to avoid needing a wheelchair.

If you’d like to imbue the night with a bit of tradition remember to let the groom carry the bride over the threshold, and sprinkle the bed with a few drops of water for luck.

Whether you plan to collapse in bed and save the romance for after or only sleep when the sun comes up, remembering these things will ensure you have a fun, comfortable wedding night and a great start to your life as a married couple. Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy it as such.

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