The Hangover in Heels

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Bachelorette parties are known to be the celebration of a bride-to-be’s final hours of freedom before tying the knot and becoming respectable. They are usually typified by groups of scantily clad females indulging in male strippers, sharing intimate secrets and emitting high alcohol induced giggles and shrieks all in the name of the occasion.


Traditionally organized by the bride-maids or maid-of-honour this event should spoil the bride and allow her to indulge in her final unmarried hours while mentally preparing her to part with singleton for good.

The format of the bachelorette has changed dramatically over the past few years providing us with endless options as to how we might prepare our brides for marriage. When it comes to planning a bachelorette party the sky is the limit, but every decision should be made solely on the brides’ wishes.

Where in the past some bride’s may have declined the bachelorette party entirely just to avoid the strippers and debauchery, there are now ways to have a bachelorette party that suits every bride. I’ve done some research (which included a visit to the raunchy Sexpo and a close study of some fine male specimens) and am proud to bring you several options ranging from the naughty, the nice, and the totally unique.     
The Final Stand

For those wanting go with a traditional bachelorette that involves painting the town red and giggling at male strippers, there are unlimited venues available. Almost all new nightclubs offer bachelorette services and often have “Ladies Nights” with special prices for bachelorette parties. It could be nice to start the day off with a kitchen tea to allow a wider, more mature group to join in the festivities, before dressing up to hit the town. This will have the dual benefit of allowing the grannies an opportunity to shower the bride with presents, as well as lining the bride and bridesmaid’s stomachs.

Something Saucy

When we think of marriage we think about trading in all sexiness for a white picket fence, some kids and a dog. Why not entirely destroy that nasty stigma with a bachelorette party that will fully equip your bride with all the tools she needs for a supply of sexiness that will never run dry? I’ve found a few people that will help you plan a party that is sure to teach all your girls a trick or two while leaving everyone giggling and feeling a renewed sense of sexiness:     

There are a few enterprises that exist solely to bring naughty things to nice girls. They have dedicated party planners that will provide all the decorations, games and entertainment for a saucy soiree. They are willing to come to you, or provide their stunning venue for your event where they will display a range of gorgeous lingerie, sensual oils, “Lotions and potions” as well as luxury toys and heaps of sexy ideas. Paired with a few cocktails and a group of friends this is sure to be an option that will leave everyone, including the boys, with a smile.
Let Them Eat Cake

If your bride is a real lady who scorns wild partying and half naked men and cringes at the thought of fluffy handcuffs there is always the option of a high-tea party. This involves gorgeous decorations, pretty cakes and exotically flavored teas and has the added benefit of being age-friendly so that all your special female guests can attend. It will leave the bride-to-be feeling like a true princess.

In and around the Pretoria region are charming little cake shops, that can fulfill every girl’s dream with the décor reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and Marie-Antoinette. You could organise a high-tea party that could include a full three course meal, specialty teas and yummy cocktails, as well as a little gift for every guest. If your choice of venue means that other diners will attend, you could always request a private lounge, complete with decorations, allowing you and your ladies a private party. And if you really want to take it up a notch, why not add a special touch to your tea party by ordering custom made cake.
Kick Off the Stilettos

If you think that being a girl limits you to tea parties and cocktail dresses, think again. Why should the boys have all the fun? If you’re dealing with a bride that doesn’t fit the girly-girl mould why not try something truly memorable that will get your adrenaline pumping and leave you chatting about it for weeks? Think out of the box; sky-diving, paint-ball, laser-quest or even a weekend hike. Make it something messy, and totally out of normal routine so that everyone can let their hair down, forget about dress-fittings and flower arrangements and just get dirty. You can always do cocktails or a day at the spa to recover afterwards.

The bottom line is, that the bachelorette party is all about the bride. Bring a little excitement to her life before the big day, but don’t let her do something she’ll regret... too much at the end of it.

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